How to Hang Drapes Like a Pro

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I will show you how to hang drapes like a designer and explain what makes these Amazon drapes (unlined) so famous and amazing. This post provides a step-by-step guide on how to decide what length and width to order and addresses unique scenarios (sliding glass door). There are a lot of different drapes available from this particular seller when it comes to fabric and hanging mechanisms. I will be referring to the faux linen pinch pleat ones specifically. There is a FAQ section at the end of the post.

These drapes have been so popular with my audience that I was able to work with the manufacturer to create my own printed drape collection.

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Pinch pleat amazon drapes, beige white linen
Color: Beige White

The Cost

These Amazon drapes have a linen look, come in almost 40 different colors, have pinch pleats, and you can choose sizes ranging from 52 to 150 inches in width and from 63 to 102 inches in length. The standard options range in price from $100 to $232 (Prices subject to change). You can customize the drapes even further for an additional cost.

If you have shopped around for drapes already, you probably already know that these prices are a deal for the type of drape you’re getting. Yes, you can get much cheaper drapes from IKEA or a big box store, but they won’t have the color and size options, nor do they have pinch pleats. Similar-looking drapes are almost always custom-made and are priced well over $1,000 per panel.

The Amazon Drapes In My Home

I used the sand beige color in my dining room. The panels you see here are 84″ wide and 96″ long. The ceiling height is 9ft.

Color: Sand Beige
Amazon drapes, pinch pleat, linen look, sand beige color, wall sconce, cane cabinet
Color: Sand Beige

The photo below is from my bedroom where I installed the Beige White color, 84″ wide and 96″ long. These panels needed to be hemmed because the ceiling height here is 8ft.

Amazon drapes, linen, pinch pleat, beige white, bedroom drapes, floor lamp, yellow velvet arm chair
Color: Beige White

I got the unlined beige white in 96″ long, 72″ wide for my living room below. The ceiling is 9ft tall.

Living room beige white amazon drapes, white velvet sofa
Color: Beige White

In our office, I opted for a darker color. This is Taupe Gray, 96″ long, and 84″ wide. The ceiling is 9ft tall.

Amazon Drapes, leather chair, floor lamp
Color: Taupe Grey

I discovered these drapes on Amazon after browsing and took a chance on ordering them. When they arrived, I was so pleasantly surprised that I left a glowing review on Amazon. I also shared them on my Instagram account and have had countless people buy them on my recommendation for the past two years. Not a single person has been disappointed. I have since ordered them for two more rooms and will be placing another order soon.

Pinch pleat amazon drapes, beige white linen
Color: Beige White

What Are Pinch Pleats?

These Amazon drapes set themselves apart from the competition because of their pinch pleats. The pinch pleat feature is typically something you will find only on custom drapery and comes with a high price tag because it requires more fabric. Pinch-pleated drapes are fuller than regular drapes of the same width. Drapes that have pinch pleats tend to be more traditional and formal.

Color: Sand Beige
How to hang the famous amazon drapes

Amazon Drapes Fabric And Color Choices

The fabric of these Amazon drapes is a polyester and linen blend. This makes them affordable while still having a high-end linen look. They are also washable per the instructions from the seller. I haven’t attempted to wash mine yet. They come in almost 40 different colors. The colors are split into two listings possibly because they can’t fit all the options in one Amazon listing. Colors are very hard to judge from a photo or even a video. They appear different in various settings and lighting conditions. I highly recommend ordering the swatch book which includes all color options and has samples of the lining choices as well.

Amazon drapes, swatch book, linen drapes

Lining Options

The drapes come in unlined (mine are all unlined), privacy, or blackout option. The privacy liner is only available from the custom menu. The custom listing has extensive sizing options but keep in mind that prices tend to go up significantly if you order that way. I recommend purchasing from their regular listing if you can because it’s much more cost-efficient.

Update: The options have since split into two separate listings: unlined drapes and blackout lining drapes.

The title of the listing can be a bit confusing because it has the word “darkening” in it. When you look at the color selection, you see both options listed there – unlined and blackout liner (see screenshots below.) The unlined drapes are not sheer. They still have a good thickness and weight to them but the light is able to escape through the weave of the fabric thus making them light filtering or diffusing. The blackout liner will fully darken the room and not allow any light to escape. However, the liner is gray in color and it will make the white drapes appear gray-toned.

Amazon drapes color selection
Amazon drapes color and lining options

What Size Do I Order?

Knowing the proper way to hang the Amazon drapes so you can achieve the high-end look you’re after will decide the length and width you need. Here are my rules of thumb as well as some visual examples:

1. Always hang drapes away from the top of the window and as close to the ceiling as possible. If you have crown molding, hang it just below the crown molding.

2. Make sure the drapes touch the floor at the very least. I like mine just barely grazing the floor but you can have them longer if you prefer them to puddle on the floor. Just never have them too short!

3. Measure the distance from the floor to where the rod will be – either ceiling or right below the crown molding. Order the drape length appropriate for that distance. If your drapes are too long, you can always hem them.

4. Extend the rod to the outside of the window frame about 20 inches. That will allow the panels to fit on the wall space when open and not cover any of the windows.

5. The total drape width of all panels necessary for the window should add up to the width of the window plus the extra 20 inches on each side. This is also the length of your rod. This is the bare minimum for these pinch-pleat drapes. You can get more width than the minimum if the budget allows it for an even fuller look.

If you’re buying flat panel drapes (no pinch pleats), you’d need more width to make up for the lack of pleats and to get a full look.

The windows below are the same size but you can see what a difference the drape length and positioning make. The window on the right appears taller and bigger than the one on the left

Aim to hang the rod about 10″ from the top of the window and about 20″ away from the sides.

Once you have determined the position of your rod, measure its length and order enough drape width to fully cover the length of the rod at the very least. Even when the drapes are closed all the way and extended to the maximum, they will appear full because of the extra fabric built into the pleats. So there’s no need to order extra width but it doesn’t hurt if your budget allows it. More is better but not necessary.

Installation – note before you hang drapes!

You should have used the above steps to figure out what width and length panels to order. But don’t install your rod until the drapes arrive. If you already know that your drapes will be too long and you’ll need to hem them, then it’s ok to hang the rod first. You will determine the new hem length as they hang – don’t rely on measuring! Similarly, if your drapes are just the right length and no hemming is necessary, place one panel on the rod with the rings first and then hold it all up to the wall to determine the exact spot where to install the rod so that the drapes hang perfectly to the floor. Two people will be needed for this.

WARNING: These drapes are very heavy. The fabric is heavy and the added width from the pinch pleats makes them heavier than standard unlined drapes of the same width. Make sure you are using a sufficient number of brackets for the length of your rod. I have used 3 brackets for a 13-foot span and 4 brackets for a 20-foot span. It is very important to use the appropriate hardware for the type of wall construction you have. Installing the bracket into a stud is your best bet but it is not always possible. Use good quality drywall anchors which will ensure your rod does not come crashing down.

Rods And Rings to hang drapes

The Amazon pinch pleat drapes are designed to hang from rings. You can’t hang them directly on the rod. They come with the plastic hooks you see above. Simply insert the hook into the pleated part from the bottom. Then hang the hook from an o-ring. The plastic hook can slide up and down giving you about an inch of allowance to make the drape longer or shorter. When you start inserting the hooks, make sure they’re all sitting at the same point.

This is the drape hardware I’ve used in the past. The corner rod bracket only works with the Pottery Barn rods. Tap on each photo to shop.

Hang Drapes on a Sliding Door

If you have a sliding door that opens to one side (instead of the middle), you may want to order a single large panel that opens up to the opposite side of the door so that entry and exit is unobstructed. This also means that your panel will have to slide across the full length of the rod and over the middle bracket. You can order bypass rings that have a C shape that allows them to slide over the bracket provided it’s also a C-shaped bracket.

Amazon Drapes Color Comparisons

This is my most often asked question: What does the color really look like? Is it a warm tone, grey tone, etc? I try my best to show realistic representations of the colors in photos and videos without altering or filtering the colors. Here are some of the most popular colors from the swatch book. People perceive color differently and it has a lot to do with the lighting in the room as well as the paint color and other furnishings present. It’s always best to order the swatch book before placing a large order.


1. How long do the drapes take to ship?

The fulfillment time can vary but it’s at least a couple of weeks. The drapes ship from China so that also factors in the shipping time.

2. Do you steam or iron the drapes?

You can do both or do nothing at all and the wrinkles will fall out on their own after a couple of days.

3. How many drape rings do you need per panel?

It depends on the width of the drape. This is what’s listed in the Amazon description (one ring for each pleat): 9 pleats for 50″ width; 13 pleats for 72″ width; 15 pleats for 84″ width; 19 pleats for 100″ width; 21 pleats for 110″ width, 23 pleats for 120″ width, 29 for 150″ width, 35 for 180″ width and 37 for 200″ width.

4. The drapes are showing Currently Unavailable.

The seller takes 2 to 3 weeks off leading up to the Lunar New Year celebration every year. Please, be patient – it’s worth waiting for these drapes!

5. How do you crease the drape pleats and make them hang perfectly?

After you hang them, push each flat part in towards the wall and then trace the pleated part all the way down. Arrange the pleats that way to train them. You can iron the back of the pleats to help them too. The more you open and close the drapes, the harder it will be to keep the pleats looking perfect.

Amazon drapes, pinch pleat, linen, sand beige color
Color: Sand Beige
Color: Beige White
How to hang pinch pleat drapes
Color: Beige White

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  1. Hello Stefana!

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  4. This is so helpful. I just ordered the sample set. Any advice if I have a few windows that go right up next to a corner making it impossible to hang wide?

    1. Depending on the situation, you could just hang them on one side the way you would for a sliding glass door. But if you want, DM me a pic on Instagram and I will let you know for sure.

  5. These are just lovely. What do you suggest for shade portion? I plan on leaving Curtain in open position and really need a Roman shade. Can’t wait to hear your reply.

  6. Thank you so much for this. I’m ordering the sample book immediately. Do you have any advice on hanging these drapes using a ceiling track?

    1. I would think the same measuring and hanging tips would apply. They will hang from the rings on the rod in the same way.

  7. This is so good!! Thankyou for this information! can’t wait to order my drapes and achieve this look !

  8. Hi Stefan’s,
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  9. I have the black out..but need a rod at least 175″ long. I have heard unless I get customer the rod will bend because the black out drapes are heavy. Any ideas where to get quality rods.

    1. The key is to have enough support brackets for the long rod and they’re installed in studs or use anchors. I am going to be installing a single rod across a 20ft span in my living room soon.

  10. I also have a 20 foot span to cover in my living room. The problem I have found is that with more brackets, I cannot get the panels to slide across the brackets…

    1. One way around it is to make sure the brackets are in the spots where the drapes remain stationary. But if that’s not possible, Pottery Barn sells these c-rings that slide right over the brackets

  11. Hi! This post is amazing! Drapes are something I dread searching for and this has made it a no brainer! Thank you so much! Can you please share what size diameter rod you have from PB? 0.75” vs 1.25” I was thinking the 1.25” since you said it sounds like the curtains are pretty heavy

    1. I have both: 1.25” in my dining room and office (the sand beige and taupe grey drapes), and 0.75” in my bedroom (the beige white drapes.)

    1. I haven’t tried them myself but have heard good things. I don’t think the velvet ones are pinch pleat though

  12. Such helpful information. Thank you! I’m undecided in which color to get maybe you can help. My furniture is beige and across the room is kitchen with white cabinets and brown barstools.

    1. It depends on wall color and also what mood you’re trying to create. Beige white is always a great neutral color.

  13. Do you happen to know how much space i should allow for rod/rings? 2”?
    I’m doing new construction and want to place the rod directly under molding.

    1. It depends on the rod thickness and ring diameter. I would wait to get the drapes before you hang the rod. Attach the drapes to the rod with rings and hold it up to the wall to see where the exact position of the brackets should be for the drapes to barely touch the floor

  14. Did you use the Amazon rings with the PB antique bronze curtain rod? If so did you order the black or bronze Amazon’s curtain rings?

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