End-of-Bed Bench Ideas for Every Style Bedroom

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Bedroom furniture can be both beautiful and functional. But what if your space needs a little extra personality? Not only is an end-of-bed bench functional, but it also has a big impact on the character of your design. Keep reading for inspirational bedroom bench ideas!

Why use an end-of-bed bench?

There are several reasons to add a bench to a bedroom. One of the main reasons to do so is for extra seating. Maybe you don’t want to mess up your freshly made bed to tie your shoes or need a moment to contemplate life. Not everyone has the square footage for a separate bedroom seating area so having a seating option at the end of the bed creates a cozy and inviting environment.

The other main reason for adding a bench at the end of a bed is for storage. That can mean your bench has a hidden storage feature or you use the surface to store things – even if temporarily. I’ve used my bench to hold my decorative pillows at night instead of tossing them on the floor.


Make your guests feel welcome and comfortable by giving them suitable space for their belongings. A bedroom bench is the best alternative to putting luggage on the bed or floor and prevents having to shuffle things around every time you need access to it.

Here is a list of my go-to sources when looking for bedroom benches:

Anyone who loves design and decorating can tell you that the way to a well-appointed space is achieved through scale, pattern, and color. Benches come in all sorts of materials and fabrics so use this as an opportunity to make your bedroom more visually interesting. A complementary bench at the end of your bed will enhance the existing furniture and bedding.

Bedroom bench ideas for small spaces

You don’t need an enormous room to accommodate a bench at the foot of your bed. If you are working with a small space, make sure there is enough space to walk around freely. Don’t create an obstacle for the sake of design. The cluttered look and stubbed toes are not worth it. In the image below, I’ve paired two small benches with a simple design to create one long one. They can be separated and used as needed!

Boy's room with two small benches pushed together at the end of a bed, masculine colors, wood tones, vertical shiplap, builtin cabinets and desk

The best option for a small space is a narrow bench. This small vintage wooden bench I have in my basement would be perfect for someone looking to add style.

I’ve written about using ottomans in unexpected places around your home and the bottom of a bed is another idea. They are lightweight and easy to move around making them a versatile addition. Push a couple of small ones together to make a longer bench or separate them to create extra seating – a great idea for a teen’s room that likes to hang out with friends!

neutral aesthetic bedroom with beige shiplap walls, upholstered bed, tree bedding, two cube ottomans at end of bed

End-of-bed benches with storage

Even if you’ve maximized storage in your bedroom and linen closet, sometimes you still need a little extra space. Using a storage bench in your bedroom is convenient and helps to keep things neat. Instead of piling up extra pillows and blankets in a closet, tuck them away for easy access.

A storage feature is ideal for kids’ rooms if you need to corral stuffed animals or anything else they may collect.

assortment of bedroom benches with storage

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Benches for king-size beds

In a recent post about sofa tables, I discussed how a longer sofa requires a longer console table. Scale is very important when designing a room and if furniture is too large or too small, it will make a space feel awkward. Being mindful of scale and balance is equally important when choosing a bench for the end of a king-size bed.

studio mcgee image of primary bedroom with bedroom bench with back for king size bed

“You don’t need an elaborate design or pattern to make an impact. A long bench with simple lines and materials will do the trick!”

What you do need is a bench that is more substantial to complement the size of the bed. Search for benches that are at least 70″ wide to create harmony between the two pieces.

west elm product image of end of bed bench that comes in different widths
source: WEST ELM

If you have extra square footage and lots of space between the end of your bed and the rest of your furniture, a deeper bench will help to fill the space with purpose. Establish a foundation for your furniture layout so it doesn’t seem as though the furniture is disconnected and thoughtless.

WEST ELM is a great source for end-of-bed benches. Many of their designs are available in different lengths which gives you the best chance of finding the perfect one for your home!

Scroll through for bedroom sources:

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