Minimalist Christmas Decorating Ideas

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The concept of minimalism is all about keeping things simple and clutter-free. When it comes to decorating for the holidays, it’s easy to go overboard. To narrow things down, here are the only four types of decorations you need for a cozy minimalist Christmas.

Minimalist Christmas tree

Choosing the right tree for your home can be overwhelming. But if you prefer to keep things simple, a minimalist Christmas tree is perfect. Instead of a traditional full tree, opt for a sparse tree with a light and airy feel.

The branches are spaced out and tend to be a bit more narrow than an old-fashioned tree. Read my post comparing different types of Christmas trees if you want more in-depth info. No matter the style of your tree, clear lights are a must!

Simple ornaments

This type of tree doesn’t even need ornaments, but if you do want to dress it up a little, less is more! Add one or two different types of ornaments as opposed to a bunch of different styles.

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I recommend using simple ornaments or thin velvet ribbon tied to the ends of a few branches. Muted tones look stunning in velvet!

Neutral tree skirt or collar

Whether you prefer a skirt or a collar, a basic pattern in a neutral color is the way to go. Skip the skirts with bright colors and graphics, like candy canes or reindeer.

Tree collars have been trendy for the past several years, and for good reason! The woven ones bring in natural elements and texture without overwhelming the tree’s look.

Christmas greenery

While I like to decorate my fireplace mantel with a little drama, taking a more subdued approach is the way to go for a minimalist Christmas style.

The best Christmas greenery to use is the real-touch Norfolk pine from Afloral. It has malleable branches and rubbery needles which makes it a breeze to work with. I’ve explained how I hang it on my mantel for the asymmetrical look, but you can use these tips for any style you like!

This collection includes a wreath, stems, and small trees. One of the things that makes minimalist Christmas decor so appealing is the simplicity. Using the same greenery around your home creates consistency and is less visually distracting.

Sources: Stems | Vase | Pendants | Wreath | Frames

Hang a wreath on your front door, place a few stems in a vase, and drape strands of garland around your home and you have the perfect recipe for a minimalist Christmas greenery.

Minimalist Christmas decor colors

The most common colors used in a minimalist home are light-colored and neutral. During the holidays, there are ways to include color without going overboard.

One of the current trends in Christmas decorating is to use non-traditional colors, like blue, purple, or brown. A touch of any muted color would work!

If you want to add traditional Christmas reds to your decor, pick a darker shade and use it sparingly. A little bit goes a long way – as you can see in my kitchen during the holidays.

Decorative objects

Brass reindeer

My favorite Christmas decor to bring out year after year is the brass reindeer set from Pottery Barn. You can style them together or separate them to create smaller Christmas moments around your home.

Vintage bells

Brass Christmas bells are the perfect complement to your Christmas decor. The display I use in my entryway does include a lot of bells but you can use a few individual bells on a shelf, console table, or coffee table.

Bells are also great to hang from a stairway banister, fireplace mantel, or a door. The possibilities are endless!

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Candles are another great touch in a Christmas home. I love the soft glow of candlelight…real or battery-operated! Combine neutral candles with your other decorative objects and greenery and you have the recipe for the perfect minimalist Christmas decor. Here are a few of my faves!

simple twisted taper candles in yellow styled in brass channel holders on built-in shelves with artwork and greenery


Check out this post that’s full of simple ways to create a warm and cozy winter home after the Christmas decorations come down.

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