Stylish Hanukkah Decor For The Contemporary Home

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As you may know, my family celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas. We put up a tree at home and celebrate with one side of the family then travel to celebrate Hanukkah with the other.

I wanted to put up some Hanukkah decor at my house so I found some pretty pieces I think you’ll like too!

Hanukkah Decor, Menorah, Star of David mercury votive holders

Unlike Christmas, stylish Hanukkah decor can be difficult for me to find locally. So, a few years ago I went online to find some cute pieces from Peace Love Light.

I chose the Star of David mercury glass votive holders, the embroidered Menorah table runner, and this Happy Hanukkah wooden sign.

The modern menorah

The menorah is one of the most recognizable symbols of Hanukkah. It’s a candelabra with a center candle that is used to light the other four candles on each side.

Like most holiday decor, menorahs come in many forms. The concept is the same, but details – like color and style – may vary.

What’s a menorah without candles? It’s easy to find Hanukkah candles in a color that matches your other decor.

Hanukkah decor

Speaking of candles, votives are the perfect accessory for your other Hannukah decor. They’re small, easy to move around, and add sparkle to any space.

Hanukkah Decor, Menorah, Star of David mercury votive holders

I love the look of mercury glass votives, but here are a couple more options that will give your Hanukkah an instant upgrade.

While the dreidel is a toy of Jewish origin, it also makes a great decorative object for your home. Style it on a shelf or as part of a centerpiece. The possibilities are endless!

This time of year you’ll find some cute Hanukkah decor at retailers like Target and Walmart.

Hanukkah table decor

I like to use neutral table linens as a backdrop so it’s easy to add a little more festive decor. ​​​​​​​See how I set the Hanukkah table with traditional colors: blue and white plates and serveware with silver accents.

Hanukkah decor for a dining room, blue and white table settings

These Hanukkah table accessories are perfect for any Jewish celebration!

Pottery Barn Hanukkah table decor

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