Custom Bench Cushion From Home of Wool

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Tufted Bench cushion was provided by Home of Wool but all opinions are my own.

Do you remember the window bench and shelves I built a while back? You can read about it here. I wanted a beautiful cushion for that space to create that perfect cozy reading nook. I had my eye on a tufted French mattress style cushion. It has a vintage look and a casual relaxed vibe that is inviting.

Natural Wool Tufted Bench Cushion

I came across Home of Wool on instagram and was intrigued by the design of their cushions and the natural materials used. To my utter and most pleasant surprise, I came to find out that Home of Wool and the cushions they offer come from Bulgaria – just like me! It was meant to be!

Growing up in Bulgaria in the 80’s, the use of natural materials was very common. I experienced the versatility and advantages of wool fabric first hand. I still very much prefer natural materials whenever possible. Their durability, performance, and beauty is unrivaled by any man-made material.

Bulgarians have a long tradition of farming and living close to nature, honoring their relationship with the earth and animals. Wool is a natural material that is renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable. Our ancestors have used it for clothing and bedding for centuries. I was so thrilled that Home of Wool is keeping that tradition alive and bringing it all the way to the US.

Home of Wool offers full customization of size and upholstery fabric. There are so many products available – from adult and kid mattresses, to bedding, pillows, cushions, even pet beds!

The bench cushion I chose is the 3″ tufted wool cushion in all natural unbleached cotton fabric. They make it in the exact shape and size to fit your seat and offer plenty of natural fabric options such as wool and linen, plus plenty of design customizations. This space is finally complete and I couldn’t be more thrilled that I was also able to support a small family owned business from my home country!

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