Boob Light Alternatives to Update Your Home

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Do you still have boob light fixtures in your home? It happens…you live with them while updating everything else; the next thing you know it’s been years. I’m here to motivate you with alternative ideas that will bring your home up to date. It’s time!

laundry room with modern brass schoolhouse semi flush mount light fixture

What is a Boob Light?

The only thing worse is a bare light bulb. It’s the most basic of all light fixtures. Typically found in homes with other builder-grade features. I probably don’t need to explain where the name comes from, but in case you don’t see the resemblance…it looks like a boob. The round glass globe and finial that peeks out of the center is the telltale (unfortunate) design.

outdated boob light

Boob lights are flush mount fixtures. This category of fixtures is usually on the small side and only extends from the ceiling a few inches. You’ll find them in smaller spaces like a closet or hallway where anything that hangs too low will impede the function of the space.

Boob lights are popular with landlords and builders because they are so cheap! Unfortunately, basic materials combined with a basic design add up to a boring style. You won’t believe what a different look your home will have if you replace it with something more up-to-date.

What Do You Replace Them With?

This depends on your ceiling height and the style of your home. You need at least 7 feet of clearance under your light fixtures to allow for walking around, opening doors, etc. This shouldn’t present a problem if you are replacing your boob light with another flush mount fixture. Another option is a semi-flush mount light. Instead of the bulb up close to the ceiling, it hangs a few inches lower in the fixture.

hallway with modern black schoolhouse semi-flush mount light fixtures, wall gallery of family photos, wall molding

Semi-flush mount lights often look a little nicer because their size makes more of an impression. When space allows, I always choose this option.

Boob Light Alternatives

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a boob light replacement. Many budget-friendly options will be a drastic upgrade. Here are a few modern flush mount alternatives that are under $75!

As I mentioned above, I prefer the look of a semi-flush mount light fixture. If your space allows it, choose one of these affordable options instead!

Even if you are working with a tight budget during a renovation or room makeover, there is probably a feature you have your heart set on. If the light fixture is where you want to spend a little extra, here are a few splurge-worthy boob light alternatives!

splurge-worthy boob light alternatives
  1. 1800Lighting – Diffuser with Veining Flush Mount – $418.00
  2. Amazon – Dimmable Flush Mount – $294.95
  3. Amazon – Glass Bubble Light Semi-Flush Mount – $539.10
  4. 1800Lighting – Hand Detailed Leaf Motif Semi-Flush Mount – $436.34
  5. 1800Lighting – Nautical Black and Brass Flush Mount – $279.00

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