Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black: Paint Color Review

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Finding the perfect paint color can present a challenge and black is no exception. If you are looking to add a modern touch to your home, Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black SW 6258 might be for you! See how this neutral black paint can create some drama (the good kind)!

bedroom with door painted tricorn black, upholstered bed, black nightstand, neutral wallpaper

Why is Tricorn Black so Popular?

Tricorn Black is one of Sherwin-Williams’ most popular colors for a reason. It’s neutral, bold, and will make a statement in both small doses or floor-to-ceiling applications. It is the top color for painting interior doors so if you want to make a change in your home, give it a try!

Where Can You Use Black Paint?

Just about anywhere! Even in light and airy spaces, designers will use bits of black. It may be something small like door handles and hinges – like my laundry room, but it can also be the focal color for an entire room! Consider your style, lighting conditions, and the overall look you are trying to achieve to help you determine just how much black to use.

laundry room with accessible beige painted walls, black hinges and handle on door

Our basement media room doesn’t get much natural light, but the purpose of this space is to get cozy and watch movies. We had the walls and ceiling painted SW Black Magic because we wanted it to feel like a real movie theater.

media room painted SW Black Magic, walls and ceilings, leather sofa, fireplace, wall molding
SW Black Magic
media room painted SW Black Magic, walls have box molding, vintage wall and, console table styled with bar accessories
SW Black Magic

In reality, most of us aren’t going to paint any space in our main living area all black. But if you are itching to do something wild and out of your comfort zone, I’m here to tell you to go for it! Here are a couple of examples of SW Tricorn Black interior walls. One space has a neutral and traditional look while the other is filled with modern bright colors and patterns!

Traditional style room with Tricorn Black painted walls
Source: Lowe’s

Luckily, there are other ways to use SW Tricorn Black that will be impactful to your design. For example, all the interior doors in the basement are painted black! It’s the perfect contrast to the Pure White walls and complements the black-painted stairs.

interior door painted Tricorn Black, black painted stairs and hand rail, pure white walls, lvp floors

The interior side of my front door was painted black in the factory, but the color is very similar to Tricorn Black. It gives our entry a focal point and enhances the decor in the hallway. You can paint window grids and sashes too for a modern look!

entryway with black front door, hardwood oak floors, white walls with molding
entry hallway with red oak floors, white walls with molding, black front door, well styled console table

Does Tricorn Black Have Undertones?

Selecting a paint color sounds like a simple task, right? You’ll quickly learn that is not the case once you are standing in front of the wall of swatches. With undertones of blue, green, and purple, it can be a challenge to figure out what will look best.

Here are a few of Sherwin-Williams’ most popular black paint colors. The undertones are pretty subtle, but they are there.

paint swatches of Sherwin-Williams' most popular black paints

Tricorn Black is one of Sherwin-Williams’ truest black paint colors. It doesn’t have any detectable undertones making it one of the most versatile black paints available. Unlike white paint which is highly reflective and affected by nearby colors, Tricorn Black is not affected by its surroundings.

Paint by Numbers (and Letters)

Every paint color is assigned an RGB number which is a series of 3 numbers that represent the intensity of RED, GREEN, and BLUE in that particular color. The range is between 0-255 with zero being the most intense and 225 being the least intense. SW Tricorn Black has an RGB value of 47/47/48.

By comparison, Black Magic’s RGB numbers are 50/49/50 giving it the slightest undertone. Can you spot the difference?

tricorn black vs black magic

The HEX number for color is made of 3 pairs of letters or numbers. Each pair is calculated from the RGB values to create a six-character combination. If you want to use a specific color on a computer screen graphic, you can simply type in the HEX number, and your color will pop up. No guessing or trying to select the right spot on a color wheel! The HEX number for Tricorn Black is #2F2F30.

bedroom door painted Tricorn Black, wallpaper, white dresser with designer lamp, LVP floors

Have you seen the letters LRV and wondered what they mean? The LRV number of paint refers to its Light Reflectivity Value. You can tell how dark the color will be from the LRV. The higher the LRV, the more light it reflects. The lower the LRV, the less light it reflects. Tricorn Black has an LRV of 3 white Pure White is 84.

What Colors Go with Tricorn Black?

Since this black paint color doesn’t have discernable undertones it looks stunning with just about any other color! Pick any two other coordinating colors that are your style and Tricorn Black will be the perfect accent color.

Tricorn Black with coordinating colors
Tricorn Black with coordinating colors

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