Ikea Sofa Review: Hyltarp Series

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Ikea’s newest addition to their living room furniture line-up is the HYLTARP collection. I was drawn to the bench seat cushion and fell in love with the light blue color. In this IKEA Hyltarp sofa review, I am sharing all the details about color options, cushion comfort, and how to keep it looking like new!

Stefana Silber sitting on her Ikea Hyltarp Sofa in light blue, beach house decor

Coastal Blue Sofa Inspiration

This Ikea sofa is the perfect way to recreate the classic coastal design from these rooms featured in Serena and Lily without spending a fortune. The designer version of this blue sofa will cost you upwards of $7,000 but the Ikea one is only $1000.

Image: Serena and Lily

Hyltarp Series Options

There are several options currently available in this series – all of which have slipcovers! Unfortunately, there is not a chair option but hopefully, it will be added in the future. Each piece has the single seat cushion style and classic clean lines, but prices may vary based on the color you choose.

beach house living room with Hyltarp Ikea sofa in light blue, Pottery Barn coral embroidered pillows, Serena and Lily coffee table, sisal rug

Sources: Pillow covers | Rug | Side tables | Coffee table | Lamps | Drapes (Beige White 84″x105″)

  • Sofa
  • Loveseat
  • Sectional
  • Sofa with chaise (left or right)
  • Sleeper sofa
Ikea Hyltarp Series options, sofa, sleeper sofa, loveseat, sectional, and sofa with chaise

Hyltarp Slipcover Fabrics and Colors

This stylish sofa comes in 10 different colors and I must say that I’m impressed with the selection. Ikea has curated the perfect color palette – earthy tones in light and dark fabrics.

Ikea hyltarp colors

Most of us decide on a sofa based on the color that would look best in our homes. However, if you want a little more detail, here are the descriptions Ikea uses for each of the fabric options:

  • Gransel – a fabric with elements of linen and viscose that add a slight luster. The threads in different sizes create a natural, vibrant expression.
  • Hemmesta – cotton and polyester fabric, has a lot of character with texture, irregular yarns, and colors that go tone-on-tone.
  • Kilanda – a fabric with a mélange effect that is made of at least 90 percent recycled polyester and has a soft surface.
  • Hallarp – a fabric in cotton and polyester. It‘s soft, comfortable, durable, and woven with a texture.
  • Tallmyra – a hardwearing chenille cover made of cotton and polyester that has a soft surface and a slightly reflective luster.
comparison of Ikea hyltarp series fabric materials

I was on the hunt for an affordable sofa for the beach house and the pale blue color caught my eye. People have asked me – is it baby blue or does it have a light denim look? Here is my answer – it is the perfect hue that looks like a designer color available from high-end retailers that would’ve cost three times as much! It has the details and style of something you’d see at Serena and Lily or Pottery Barn.

This is one of the reasons I wanted to provide this Ikea sofa review – I don’t want you to overlook this stylish sofa just because it is so affordable!

close up of Ikea hyltarp sofa fabric in light blue
beach house living room with light blue sofa, rattan side tables, brass lamp, sisal rug

Hyltarp vs Farlov

What is an Ikea sofa review without a comparison? The Farlov series has been discontinued and the new Hylarp seems to have taken its place. There are a few differences and similarities but the most obvious difference is the shape of the arms.

Both sofas have bench seat cushions and loose back cushions but the Farlov had sloping rounded arms like the Vinliden series while the Hyltarp has straight arms with a soft square edge.

close up of Ikea Hyltarp light blue sofa showing shape of arms, rattan side table, coral embroidered pillows

The Farlov had an overall size of W 85 7/8″ x D 41 3/4″ x H 34 5/8″ while the Hyltarp sofa comes in at W 91 3/8″ x D 36 5/8″ x H 35 7/8″. The Farlov has a deeper seat while the Hyltarp is a little longer with not much height difference.

Replacement Slipcovers

Anytime a series is still available you should be able to purchase replacement slipcovers. If you don’t want to run the risk of missing out on an extra set, I recommend purchasing them when you get your furniture. Sometimes Ikea discontinues colors and since the extra covers are so inexpensive, it’s worth purchasing before you need them.

If you are the owner of a discontinued series as I am, some places make replacement covers for Ikea furniture. The most popular one is bemz.com and while they don’t yet have covers for the new Hyltarp series, the Farlov has 133 different fabrics to choose from!

How to Keep Your Hyltarp Sofa Clean

Don’t let the fact that you have a backup set of slipcovers keep you from taking care of your furniture properly. This Ikea sofa review is the perfect place to get tips for keeping it looking new as long as possible!

There is no miracle product out there that can prevent spills from reaching your furniture, but there are ways to help prevent them from causing long-term damage.

light blue Hyltarp Ikea sofa review showing zipper of cushions to demonstrate they are removable

The first thing you can do is pre-treat your furniture with a protectant like Scotchgard. It creates an invisible coating that helps buy you time to clean up spills by repelling dirt and liquids.

Routine maintenance is good for all your furniture no matter the price tag. Regularly vacuuming the surface and under the cushions helps prevent the build-up of dust and crumbs. Over time these things can cause damage to the fabric of your sofa and may also lead to unpleasant odors.

The slipcovers are machine washable, which is great, but you don’t need to remove the whole cover for those little spills. The Bissell Little Green Machine is the best cleaning gadget to have around when you want to take care of a little mess.

top angle showing fabric color and texture of Ikea hyltarp sofa in light blue

For more tips for cleaning tips, check out my fabric furniture care post!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the cushions soft or firm?

The foam seat cushion on the Hyltarp sofa is on the firm side but is still really comfortable. Firm seat cushions have a higher likelihood of holding their shape longer. Don’t worry, the back and side cushions are nice and soft.

Are Ikea sofas good quality?

Ikea is known for its affordability and unique design qualities. They have budget-friendly furniture construction down to a science! Yes, some of the materials used may be on the cheaper end but I believe that if you have kids or pets and don’t want to spend a fortune on furniture, an Ikea sofa is the way to go!

Are the slipcovers machine washable?

Yes! This is a huge bonus about this sofa. Not only does it have a beautiful shape, but it is easy to care for. One of the tricks I learned from having slip-covered furniture is to take them out of the dryer when they are still slightly damp. Put them back on the sofa to finish drying and the wrinkles should stretch right out. You can easily remove the wrinkles on the bottom edge of the sofa skirt with a portable steamer.

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