Floating Shelves with Ultra Shelf in Basement Remodel

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*Floating shelves provided by Ultra Shelf but opinions are my own.

Floating shelves by Ultra Shelf

I have been living with major regrets for the past couple of years. I regret not adding floating shelves to my kitchen and missing out on this styling opportunity. So I knew I would incorporate them in the wet bar area of the basement. Floating shelves are a great way to combine form and function, especially in an area that is too small for conventional cabinetry.

Floating shelves by Ultra Shelf

When designing this wet bar area I had to contend with awkward elements like this basement window and the bulkhead to the right. It precluded the use of upper cabinetry. I wasn’t too mad because that meant I could finally have the floating shelves I had wanted. Because the space is enclosed, I needed custom length shelves. I turned to my friends at Ultra Shelf. They offer a number of shelf styles, finishes, depths, thicknesses, and of course, custom lengths.

Floating shelves by Ultra Shelf

Wood Type and Stain Color

I chose the white oak wood stained in natural finish which was the closest match to my LVP floors. The color choices are endless – from the wood species to the wood finish as well as an option for paint or custom stain.

I also added floating shelves to the fireplace wall in the media room. They are the exact same type and finish.


Installing the shelves was very straightforward and easy. What sets Ultra Shelf apart from other floating shelves is the type of brackets used. They have multiple holes, guaranteeing that you will hit at least two studs in the span of a shelf. Find your studs, hold up the bracket at the height you want, and mark the holes that fall onto the stud spaces. Then make sure the marks are level and pre-drill holes. Attach the brackets with the included hardware and slide the shelves onto them.

I had my contractor help with installing the large shelf in the wet bar area. Those shelves were installed on top of the tile and required a masonry drill bit to drill through the tile without damaging it. The fireplace wall shelves were easy enough for me to do as a DIY.

Shlelf Bracket by Ultra Shelf
Floating shelves by Ultra Shelf
Shelf level, tile backsplash

The floating shelves are heavy but attaching them to wall studs ensures that they stay put on the walls and can handle the weight of the items on them. I’m having so much fun decorating the wet bar area as well as the fireplace wall. My husband took over the bar shelves and stocked them with alcohol bottles as a true bar should be. I have plenty of shelves in the media room to decorate as I please.

Floating shelves by Ultra Shelf

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