Grasscloth Wrapped Table – DIY for under $60

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Grasscloth wrapped table

If you remember, a few weeks ago I tried my hand at wrapping an IKEA dressing table with peel and stick wallpaper. I definitely liked how it turned out but it made me want to try the same thing with real grasscloth wallpaper. I also wanted a different size grasscloth wrapped table that would fit better in the space I had in mind for it. In addition, I wanted two of those consoles to flank the doorway in my living room to the kitchen.​​​​​​​

The Table Design

This is my inspiration Blake Raffia Console from Serena and Lily. Not only is this table larger than what I could fit in the space but it also retails for $1,798 before tax and shipping. That’s a hard pass! The style is so simple that I thought I could try to build it myself. It’s the modern Parson’s design with a shelf and chunky legs. Meet my under $60 version of the Serena and Lily grasscloth wrapped table!

This is the best part – I made two of these tables using entirely scrap materials I had sitting in my garage from past projects. Here is what the table parts are before I assembled them (materials for one table only):

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I used more boards as skirts that I attached with glue, nails, and pocket holes to create the illusion of a chunky tabletop. Then cut out the board for the shelf and added skirts on all four sides just like the top.

Everything was attached with glue and nails. I didn’t worry about imperfections or raw edges because the whole table would be covered with grasscloth wallpaper. Then I repeated the whole process for the second table.

The Wallpaper

Ideally, I wanted real grasscloth. However, that type of wallpaper tends to be very expensive – hundreds of dollars per roll. And I would need two rolls per table. I had almost given up on using the real thing when I came across this wallpaper on Amazon. It is not real grasscloth however it has the texture of grass and is as close as you can get to the real one. The brand is York Wallcoverings which is a reputable wallpaper brand but it was a fraction of the retail price. This paper is traditional unpasted wallpaper. I already have experience with that type of paper from hanging it in Juliet’s room (read that post here.)

The process of wrapping the tables involved figuring out and making the necessary cut outs for the legs while the paper is dry. Then I applied the wallpaper paste and laid on the table top and shelf. I made a template for the legs and cut out 8 of them. It’s a simple concept but not easy to do. It required a lot of patience and attention to detail.

The advantage of real wallpaper is that the paste has slow drying time. That allows for the paper to slide and be adjusted to the perfect fit.

Grasscloth wrapped table
Grasscloth wrapped table
Grasscloth wrapped table

I think it came out pretty good given that I spent $0 to build it and only $60 on the wallpaper. Feel free to post your questions in the comments below and I will update the post with answers.

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