Benjamin Moore Paper White: Paint Color Review

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Choosing the perfect paint color can be daunting, and all the different shades and tricky names certainly don’t help. If you are looking for a white paint color with a hint of gray then Benjamin Moore Paper White OC55 might be for you! Keep reading for details that will help you decide if it’s right for your home!

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Coastal living room with Benjamin Moore Paper White walls

Does Benjamin Moore Paper White have Undertones?

It seems impossible to find a white paint color without any undertones. I like bright white walls in my home and one of my favorite paints to use for big projects is an untinted base white paint in whatever finish I need. You can read all about the PAINT COLORS IN MY HOME for more details!

BM Paper White has a very light gray undertone. It’s bright and crisp making it the perfect shade for a home with a coastal vibe.

styled console table in front of  BM Paper White wall

Paper White vs. Other Popular White Paint Colors

As you can see in the image below, Paper White looks more like it belongs with gray paint colors compared to the other popular white colors from Benjamin Moore.

popular Benjamin Moore white paint colors

How paint looks on your walls is completely dependent on the lighting situation in your home – both natural and artificial. I can’t stress enough the need to paint test swatches around the room you intend on painting and evaluate them throughout the day to determine what looks best.

In the image below, the walls have natural and artificial light coming from different directions creating shadows and color casts. This is the perfect example of how lighting affects paint colors on a wall.

artwork on wall painted Benjamin Moore Paper White demonstrating how lighting affects paint colors

Paint Color Labels – What Those Numbers Mean

Every paint color is assigned an RGB number, a series of 3 numbers representing the intensity of RED, GREEN, and BLUE in that particular color. The range is between 0-255 with zero being the least intense and 255 being the most intense. All paint starts black at 0/0/0. If you add the maximum (equal) amounts of red, green, and blue you get white paint 255/255/255. BM Paper White has an RGB value of 224/226/220.

coastal bedroom with BM Paper white walls, blue upholstered bed, white bedding

The HEX number for color is made of 3 pairs of letters or numbers. Each pair is calculated from the RGB values to create a six-character combination. If you want to use a specific color on a computer screen graphic, you can type in the HEX number, and your color will pop up. No guessing or trying to select the right spot on a color wheel! The HEX number for Paper White is #E0E2DC.

coastal living room with Benjamin Moore Paper White walls, Serena and lily console table, coastal art and decor

Have you seen the letters LRV and wondered what they mean? The LRV number of paint refers to its Light Reflectivity Value. You can tell how dark the color will be from the LRV. The higher the LRV, the more light it reflects. The lower the LRV, the less light it reflects. Paper White has an LRV of 74.41.

Colors that Coordinate with Benjamin Moore Paper White

This beautiful calming paint makes a great foundation for just about any color combination, but nothing brings out its true beauty like bright white. The Ocean 82 beach house builder painted every single wall Paper White by Benjamin Moore and my first instinct was to change the color. However, once I started moving the coastal design elements in, I quickly changed my mind.

coastal living room with light gray walls and coastal decor, blue and beige accents
coastal bedroom with light gray walls and coastal decor, blue and white accents

I added several different shades of blue, beige, and green – all of which look so pretty against the Paper White walls. It complements both light and dark decor accents making it a universal wall color idea that shouldn’t be overlooked.

coastal bedroom with light gray walls and coastal decor, light blue and green accents
coastal bedroom with light gray walls and coastal decor, navy blue and green accents

Ocean 82 Beach House Sources:

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