5 Top Kitchen Trends in 2023

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Kitchen design trends are similar to the fashion world. Some elements are timeless while others cycle in and out of style. Whether you are starting from scratch or you want to make a few updates, check out the top kitchen trends in 2023.

Kitchen backsplash trends 2023

The classic choice for a kitchen backsplash is staggered subway tile – specifically white subway tile. It has a clean, crisp look and is the perfect backsplash for white cabinets.


timeless kitchen trend with white staggered subway tile, honed marble countertops, brass mills, round cutting board, wooden bowl with faux artichokes

The interior design world has embraced a Zellige tile backsplash for a while, but it has recently become more mainstream. It’s handmade from clay-based material and has a tumbled look. Every piece looks different! The uneven surfaces may seem like an unusual choice, however, the imperfections are what make a Zellige tile backsplash so unique.

2023 kitchen trend for black-lash using Zellige tile in wet bar with black cabinets, soapstone countertops, brass faucet and hardware, open shelving, pendant light

Drawer pull | Cabinet knobs | Faucet | Pendant

Zellige is sometimes installed edge to edge without grout. This accentuates imperfections – like cracks or chipped edges. Using grout is a personal preference decision and not necessary.

The 2023 kitchen backsplash trends also include Cloe tile. It resembles Zellige tile but is made from glazed ceramic.

One of my biggest regrets during my kitchen renovation was not using the same material for the countertop and backsplash. This is becoming a more mainstream kitchen idea in 2023.

Jean Stoffer image demonstrating kitchen trend of backsplash the same as the countertop
Source: Jean Stoffer

Kitchen Countertop Trends 2023

As far as I’m concerned, marble is king when it comes to timeless countertop materials. You just can’t replicate the depth and feel of real marble countertops. As with unlacquered brass, you learn to embrace imperfections!

One of the kitchen trends growing in 2023 is the movement toward materials with bold veining. You can make a statement with contrasting details, especially when used as a backsplash.

Jean Stoffer image with one of the kitchen trends 2023 of countertops with bold veining
Source: Jean Stoffer

Here are some of the other kitchen countertop trends still going strong in 2023:

  • Porcelain – Traditionally used for floor tiles, porcelain is a manmade material known for durability. It is heat resistant and no chemicals are added so you don’t have to worry about anything harmful being emitted when it is exposed to heat.
  • Quartzite – A natural stone that resembles marble (nice try…) with delicate veining. It is heat-resistant, and hard like granite, but will not etch when exposed to acidic liquids. It should be sealed to prevent staining.
  • Quartz – This is a naturally occurring stone, but when used for countertops, it is mixed with resin and other materials. This puts it in the manmade category. It doesn’t need to be sealed, but it’s not heat-resistant like porcelain and quartzite.
  • Neolith – Made by mixing several materials together, it is one of the most durable countertop options out there. It is resistant to high and low temperatures and UV resistant making it a great option for outdoor kitchens as well!
  • Soapstone – The dark tone of soapstone has made it a popular pick to add contrast or drama to any kitchen. It is resistant to heat, but it’s a little softer than some of the other options.


kitchen trends for countertops and backsplash, Zellige tile paired with soapstone countertops, brass faucet, marble tray with refillable bottles for soap, cutting board and cocktail book for countertop decor
Whittney Parkinson image demonstrating kitchen trend of soapstone countertops
Source: Whittney Parkinson

Kitchen appliance trends

In high-end kitchen designs, the trend for 2023 continues to include panel-ready appliances which allow them to blend in with the cabinetry—having a refrigerator and dishwasher that looks like cabinetry is more attractive and creates a seamless design.

One of the top kitchen appliance trends is to have a European style range. Instead of the conventional look, designers are going for ranges with vintage hardware to create a sense of luxury.

Whittney Parkinson image demonstrating kitchen trend of vintage stove
Source: Whittney Parkinson

Another appliance trend for 2023 is hardware in different finishes. Some appliances have handles that coordinate with your cabinet hardware finishes!

Kitchen cabinets – colors, wood tones, and hardware

A classic white kitchen still rules in the real world, but when it comes to high-end designs, you’ll find no shortage of colors. Instead, shades of beige and mushroom hues are the go-to picks for light-colored cabinetry.

Pendants | Counter stools | Sconces | Drawer pulls | Round knobs | Door latches

Drama is what it’s all about when it comes to kitchen ideas for 2023. Gone are the days of gray. Kitchens – and other rooms – are filled with rich, saturated colors that bring everything to life. The most popular colors are dark or sage green, deep blue, and rich red. But there are plenty of other colors that are making an unexpected appearance – like purple. You don’t have to be afraid to use color anymore!

Wood cabinetry is still on the list of top picks for the kitchen, but don’t worry, it’s not the honey oak builder-grade cabinets from the 80s and 90s. This time around we are seeing rich stains without the orange undertones that have been such a design sore thumb.

Heidi Caillier mage of kitchen with beige cabinetry and deep wood tone island
Source: Heidi Caillier

Kitchen cabinet hardware is another piece of the puzzle that has its own trends. Anything goes these days, but there seems to be less hesitancy to use brass cabinet hardware. It adds warmth and goes well with white and earth-toned cabinet colors.

Round cabinet knobs are simple yet elegant and will always be trendy. Vintage knobs and pulls are on the rise – delicate details without being ornate.

Another cabinet hardware trend is using wood that is stained or painted the same color as the cabinetry. Such a simple choice, but it really gives you the ability to mix and match hardware in different parts of the kitchen.

Whittney Parkinson image of kitchen with beige cabinets and matching beige knobs
Source: Whittney Parkinson
light bulb graphic

Check out my post:


for tips on how and where to install your hardware!

Increased storage/scullery in the kitchen

High-end newly designed homes now come with a stand-alone space to house pantry items. It’s connected to the kitchen and either open or sometimes hidden behind doors that are made to look like cabinetry. Think of it as a large walk-in pantry with countertop space to prepare food, store excess dinnerware, and display smaller appliances that are now made with aesthetics in mind.

Examples of sculleries visible from the kitchen:

Images from Studio McGee

The following images are stunning scullery designs from Jean Stoffer:

Older homes have a single pantry closet or if you have lots of cabinet space like me, use a section of your cabinets as a pantry.

The movement towards having a scullery comes from the desire to keep things separate, especially if you entertain guests frequently. This allows you to keep your kitchen presentable and the “dirty work” hidden from view.

Predicted trends

We’ve been traumatized by honey oak cabinets, but don’t be afraid to add wood with a pronounced grain. With the direction of kitchen trends, wood grain is going to be less of a design faux pas going forward.

Since bold colors are more widely used, we’ll surely be seeing some reimagined deep tones of green burgundy, reds, and blues.

Decorative cabinets are also becoming more popular. Just be sure you have a good exhaust system if installing them near the stove.

I swapped out the glass in a couple of my kitchen cabinets for decorative metal inserts. The pattern gives them the unique look I was going for.

kitchen trend of decorative inset kitchen cabinet doors, metal inserts, white kitchen with subway tile, honed marble countertops, SW Agreeable Gray walls, unlacquered brass hardware

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